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Fat metabolism refers to the processes involved in the biosynthesis and breakdown of fats.


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    M6A RNA modifications mediate RNA processing and stability. Ceramides are lipid metabolites containing an amino acid-based backbone, which promote metabolic dysfunction. Wang et al. describe a novel m6A-dependent regulatory node that tunes ceramide-generating enzymes.

    • Mariah Weber-Stout
    • , Scott A. Summers
    •  & William L. Holland
    Nature Metabolism 5, 727-729
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    Fatty acids generated through lipolysis are constantly re-esterified into triglycerides in what is known as the glyceride–fatty acid futile cycle. A recent quantification of the activity of this futile cycle in adipocytes suggests that it may have manifold implications for systemic energy homeostasis.

    • Anand Kumar Sharma
    •  & Christian Wolfrum
    Nature Metabolism 5, 540-541
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    Adipose tissue is highly versatile, dynamic and essential for metabolic health. In 2022, several exciting discoveries provided a high-resolution view of cellular composition and cell–cell communication within the adipose niche, and revealed how adipose tissue communicates with other organs and modulates metabolism during normal and pathophysiological states.

    • Yu-Hua Tseng
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    Sustained weight loss and weight maintenance are key challenges for the treatment of obesity. Here, the authors show that a high-protein diet following weight loss can protect against weight regain, through a process dependent on the gut microbiome.

    • Amir Zarrinpar
    Nature Metabolism 4, 1616-1617
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    PRDM16 is a key mediator of thermogenic fat, counteracting adipose fibrosis and inflammation. Kajimura and co-authors demonstrate that a CUL2–APPBP2 ubiquitin E3 ligase complex destabilizes the PRDM16 protein, resulting in declined metabolic activity in an age-dependent manner.

    • Carla Horvath
    •  & Camilla Scheele
    Nature Metabolism 4, 1095-1096