Environmental social sciences

Environmental social science is the application of social science – broadly the study of the relationship between individuals in their context within society – and its application to our understanding of environmental issues.


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    More intense precipitation is an expected consequence of anthropogenic climate change. Now research quantifies the effect of more concentrated rainfall on American agriculture.

    • Ethan E. Butler
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    Michael Norton, from the European Academies Science Advisory Council, and Baldwyn Torto, from the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology, talk with Nature Sustainability about recent efforts to address neonicotinoid insecticide risks in Africa.

    • William R. Burnside
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    The use of energy expenditure thresholds for quantifying energy poverty is a widely used approach, particularly within the Global North. New research from Hong Kong confirms that this method risks overlooking important housing and climate-related factors.

    • Harriet Thomson
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    Jon Hutton and Melanie Ryan, respectively the Director and the Head of Programme of the Luc Hoffmann Institute, tell Nature Sustainability about the making of the Biodiversity Revisited project.

    • Monica Contestabile
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    Biodiversity research is replete with scientific studies depicting future trajectories of decline that have failed to mobilize transformative change. Imagination and creativity can foster new ways to address longstanding problems to create better futures for people and the planet.

    • Carina Wyborn
    • , Federico Davila
    • , Laura Pereira
    • , Michelle Lim
    • , Isis Alvarez
    • , Gretchen Henderson
    • , Amy Luers
    • , Maria Jose Martinez Harms
    • , Kristal Maze
    • , Jasper Montana
    • , Melanie Ryan
    • , Chris Sandbrook
    • , Rebecca Shaw
    •  & Emma Woods