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    The COVID-19 pandemic will be an unprecedented test of governments’ ability to manage compound risks, as climate hazards disrupt outbreak response around the world. Immediate steps can be taken to minimize climate-attributable loss of life, but climate adaptation also needs a long-term strategy for pandemic preparedness.

    • Carly A. Phillips
    • , Astrid Caldas
    • , Rachel Cleetus
    • , Kristina A. Dahl
    • , Juan Declet-Barreto
    • , Rachel Licker
    • , L. Delta Merner
    • , J. Pablo Ortiz-Partida
    • , Alexandra L. Phelan
    • , Erika Spanger-Siegfried
    • , Shuchi Talati
    • , Christopher H. Trisos
    •  & Colin J. Carlson
    Nature Climate Change 10, 586-588
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    Food security is uncertain under future climate change, but is there a threat of food system collapse? Now research assesses the probability of weather hazards occurring at the same time in the world’s major breadbaskets and reveals that the weather-related component of this risk could be increasing.

    • Zia Mehrabi