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  • News & Views |

    Understanding future costs of energy technologies is crucial for making good decisions about the energy transition. A new paper shows that some types of forecasts have done better than others.

    • Gregory F. Nemet
    Nature Energy 6, 860-861
  • News & Views |

    Electrification of truck fleets has been perceived as costly both in terms of vehicle and charging infrastructure investments. A new study shows that, with the right charging strategy, electrification of a short-haul delivery fleet does not require major investments in the electric grid substations.

    • Heikki Liimatainen
    Nature Energy 6, 580-581
  • News & Views |

    Vehicle electrification is essential for decarbonizing road transport but there are challenges around electric vehicle adoption and infrastructure planning. By analysing real-world travel data, a new study explores the potential for different charging and supplemental vehicle strategies to allow electric vehicles to meet current driver needs.

    • Lynette Cheah
    Nature Energy 6, 17-18
  • Editorial |

    Recovery efforts in the wake of COVID-19 must invest in energy systems that will prove cleaner and more resilient in the face of future disasters.

    Nature Energy 5, 273
  • Editorial |

    More frequent and graver extreme events continue to remind us of the perils of climate change, but systematic consideration of these extremes in energy systems studies and full accounting of their impacts remains a challenge.