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    Climate change impacts the production of electricity including power generated from nuclear facilities. New research published in Nature Energy reports an increase in climate-related outages over the past few decades and projects the annual energy loss for the global fleet of nuclear generators decades into the future.

    • Peter H. Larsen
    Nature Energy 6, 696-697
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    Long-duration energy storage technologies can be a solution to the intermittency problem of wind and solar power but estimating technology costs remains a challenge. New research identifies cost targets for long-duration storage technologies to make them competitive against different firm low-carbon generation technologies.

    • Omar J. Guerra
    Nature Energy 6, 460-461
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    With increasing global communications, we have experienced increasing misinformation. New research shows that mere exposure to misinformation about smart meters is related to perceptions of related risks. Increased knowledge about smart meters can reduce the impact of some misinformation but it does not work for all types.

    • A. Spence
    •  & K. Spence
    Nature Energy 6, 329-330
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    Energy scenarios project future possibilities based on a variety of assumptions, yet do not fully account for inherent friction in the energy transition, particularly over the near term. A new study shows how machine learning can complement existing scenario tools by incorporating lessons from the past into projections for the future.

    • David L. McCollum
    Nature Energy 6, 121-122
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    The smart home technology industry promises energy savings and lifestyle improvements. However, there is little evidence that smart home technologies will reduce home energy use overall, and there are a range of emerging detrimental social impacts that require further attention from researchers, policymakers and practitioners.

    • Larissa Nicholls
    • , Yolande Strengers
    •  & Jathan Sadowski
    Nature Energy 5, 180-182
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    The number of plaintiffs taking energy firms to court for ignoring climate-related risks is growing. By revealing how the sector is not prepared — and not preparing — for what is coming, their cases are pressing the energy sector to treat those risks as a cost of doing business.

    • Justin Gundlach
    Nature Energy 5, 94-97