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    A survey study shows that people want their governments to require increased transparency from companies about their supply chains. But it remains unclear how consumers would respond if such policies raised product prices.

    • Parrish Bergquist
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    Comprehensive and meaningful inclusion of marginalized communities within the research enterprise will be critical to ensuring an equitable, technology-informed, clean energy transition. We provide five key action items for government agencies and philanthropic institutions to operationalize the commitment to an equitable energy transition.

    • A. P. Ravikumar
    • , E. Baker
    •  & M. Tuominen
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    A pro-health fuels and stoves agenda based on the World Health Organization standards can realign lagging progress toward meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 7’s call for universal energy and clean cooking access by 2030, combat the household energy crisis, and promote health and social justice.

    • Annelise Gill-Wiehl
    •  & Daniel M. Kammen
    Nature Energy 7, 999-1002
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    Mission Innovation seeks to accelerate deployment of clean energy and make it affordable, attractive and accessible to all. Fully succeeding in these aims will require greater attention to the needs and context of developing countries, concerted focus on capacity building, and increased emphasis on energy access and justice.

    • Ambuj D. Sagar
    Nature Energy 7, 782-784