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    Keeping track of the rapidly improving solar cell performance is not as easy as it seems. Martin Green describes the Solar Cell Efficiency Tables that have been providing regular updates of the record solar cell performance since the 1990s.

    • Martin A. Green
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    Copper-doped cadmium telluride thin-film solar cells have high efficiency, but limited hole density and Cu diffusion allow little room for further improvements in device performance. Now, arsenic-doped cadmium telluride thin films show enhanced hole density and lower dopant diffusivity leading to 20.8%-efficient solar cells.

    • Ken Durose
    Nature Energy 4, 825-826
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    The optimization of building envelopes plays a substantial role in reducing global energy consumption and meeting energy and climate targets. Now, a dynamic photovoltaic building envelope has been demonstrated to improve building energy self-sufficiency, while adapting to changing weather conditions and occupant needs.

    • Sophie Lufkin
    Nature Energy 4, 635-636
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    The compressive buckling of lithographically defined, two-dimensional patterns can create three-dimensional piezoelectric microsystems with a range of potential applications.

    • Ghazaleh Haghiashtiani
    •  & Michael C. McAlpine
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    Efficient conversion of low-grade heat into useful power is a challenge. A new approach using magnetocaloric materials and a pretzel-like magnetic field topology offers a simple way of generating electrical power from heat with improved efficiency.

    • A. M. Rowe
    Nature Energy 4, 12-13