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    Hydrogen oxidation reactions in hydroxide exchange membrane fuel cells have slow kinetics. Switching from platinum group metal (PGM) electrocatalysts to those that are PGM-free is a challenging task as the latter are prone to oxidation. Now, stable and active nickel–molybdenum–niobium catalysts are introduced for this type of fuel cell.

    • Alexey Serov
    Nature Catalysis 5, 971-972
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    | Open Access

    Building retrofit is essential to deliver decarbonisation. But its implementation could leave a legacy of waste if end of life is not considered now. Danielle Densley Tingley considers the challenges and implications of embedding circularity into building retrofit.

    • Danielle Densley Tingley
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    Hard to decarbonize homes represent a complex problem that has historically been neglected in favour of the lower hanging fruit of easier to treat properties. To enable an equitable net zero transition, we must understand these homes in a holistic manner take into account the impacts of different routes to decarbonization on occupants.

    • Rokia Raslan
    •  & Aimee Ambrose
    Nature Energy 7, 675-677
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    Understanding the role of different types of energy-related information on consumer purchases is important for the design of effective energy-efficiency policies. Now, a randomised experiment adds energy-cost information to conventional EU energy labels and finds a tension between energy efficiency, price and total energy cost.

    • Nina Boogen
    Nature Energy 7, 308-309