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    By considering the topology of chiral crystals, a new type of massless fermion, connected with giant arc-like surface states, are predicted. Such Kramers–Weyl fermions should manifest themselves in a wide variety of chiral materials.

    • Chandra Shekhar
    Nature Materials 17, 953-954
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    The search for materials with colossal permittivity for use in capacitors has been met with limited success. A newly discovered co-doped titanium oxide material has an extremely high permittivity and negligible dielectric losses, and is likely to enable further scaling in electronic and energy-storage devices.

    • Christopher C. Homes
    •  & Thomas Vogt
    Nature Materials 12, 782-783
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    The work by Roberto Car and Michele Parrinello on ab initio molecular dynamics published 25 years ago has had a huge impact on fundamental science and applications in a wide range of fields.