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    Structural transitions departing from the known phases of MoTe2 are induced by applying a vertical electric field to multilayers of this material. These distorted structures show distinct conducting states that can be used for resistive memories.

    • Daniel A. Rehn
    •  & Evan J. Reed
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    Electrons with fractional dimension have been observed in an artificial Sierpiński triangle, demonstrating their quantum fractal nature.

    • Dario Bercioux
    •  & Ainhoa Iñiguez
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    Spintronic devices, which exploit the spin of electrons for information processing and storage, are a key emerging technology in electronics. Supriyo Datta explains how emulating optical phenomena inspired his prediction of the spin transistor.

    • Supriyo Datta
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    A scanning light probe can locally dope two-dimensional molybdenum ditelluride, allowing monolithically integrated circuits (ICs) to be quickly written on the material.

    • Shih-Hsien Yang
    •  & Yen-Fu Lin
    Nature Electronics 1, 498–499