Electrochemistry is a discipline that deals with chemical reactions that involve an exchange of electric charges between two substances. Both chemical changes generating electric currents and chemical reactions triggered by the passage of electricity can be considered electrochemical reactions.


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    Current collectors are essential components in lithium-ion batteries, but are typically made of metal foils that do not contribute to the battery capacity. Now, a fire-extinguishing lightweight polymer-based current collector is developed that enhances both the energy density and safety of the battery.

    • Leif Nyholm
    Nature Energy 5, 739-740
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    Classical experiments from solid-state electrochemistry can be used to determine the charge of ions in solids. This Comment also clarifies how the charge of point defects fits with the standard picture of ionic charge, and highlights differences between these electrochemical experiments and methods that probe electrons directly.

    • Roger A. De Souza
    •  & David N. Mueller
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    The activity and the stability of an electrocatalyst are equally important, but the reasons behind deactivation processes still remain unresolved. Achieving a deeper understanding of the process will help to inhibit deactivation and improve revivification protocols.

    • Alessandro Minguzzi
    Nature Catalysis 3, 687-689