Ecology is the study of how organisms interact with each other and their environment. It considers processes that occur at the population, community and ecosystem levels and has a particular focus on biodiversity.


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    Pioneer of biodiversity accounting who overhauled the Red List of threatened species.

    • Nathalie Pettorelli
    Nature 586, 495
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    An analysis of satellite images has pinpointed individual tree canopies over a large area of West Africa. The data suggest that it will soon be possible, with certain limitations, to map the location and size of every tree worldwide.

    • Niall P. Hanan
    •  & Julius Y. Anchang
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    Targets for ecosystem restoration are usually specified in terms of the total area to be restored. A global analysis reveals that the benefits and costs of achieving such targets depend greatly on where this restoration occurs.

    • Simon Ferrier
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    Farm management strategies for alternatives to nitrogen application can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, and increase crop yields in China.

    • Timothy J. Griffis
    •  & John M. Baker
    Nature Food 1, 597-598
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    A high pressure experiment reveals the world’s first room-temperature superconductor, and a method to target ecosystem restoration.

    • Nick Howe
    •  & Shamini Bundell