DNA nanostructures

DNA nanostructures are nanoscale structures made of DNA, which acts both as a structural and functional element. DNA nanostructures can serve as scaffolds for the formation of more complex structures.

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  • Research Highlights |

    Cyanuric acid (CA) derivatives can co-assemble with polyadenine sequences to form a triple helical DNA-based structure bearing functional groups able to guide higher ordered architectures.

    • Colette Whitfield
  • Editorial |

    DNA is much more than the genetic information it carries. It is a versatile material for creating systems with tailor-made functionalities that are having an important impact in emerging technologies.

    Nature Materials 20, 1171
  • News & Views |

    Elaborately designed DNA icosahedral shells cage intact virions to effectively protect host cells from viral infections.

    • Neha Chauhan
    •  & Xing Wang
    Nature Materials 20, 1176-1177
  • News & Views |

    An elaborate DNA origami tubular nanodevice encapsulating antigens and adjuvants protects mice from cancer through tumour-specific immunomodulation.

    • Hongjun Li
    •  & Zhen Gu
    Nature Materials 20, 286-287