DNA and RNA are nucleic acids found in the nucleus of the cells in every living organism. Both nucleic acids participate in the coding, decoding, regulation and expression of genes.

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    | Open Access

    RNA therapeutics have benefited significantly from decades of research on lipid nanoparticles, specifically its key component—the ionizable lipid. This comment discusses the major ionizable lipid types, and provides perspectives for future development.

    • Xuexiang Han
    • , Hanwen Zhang
    •  & Michael J. Mitchell
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    DNA is much more than the genetic information it carries. It is a versatile material for creating systems with tailor-made functionalities that are having an important impact in emerging technologies.

    Nature Materials 20, 1171
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    In biological systems, order typically emerges from out-of-equilibrium molecular processes that control both static patterns and dynamic changes. Now, the self-regulating assembly and disassembly of a synthetic system has been achieved on the micrometre scale, by coupling the growth of a DNA nanotube to a biochemical oscillator.

    • Tim Liedl
    Nature Chemistry 11, 497-499
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    DNA origami nanostructures were utilized to replicate a seed pattern that resulted in the growth of populations of nanostructures. Exponential growth could be controlled by environmental conditions depending on the preferential requirements of each population.

    • Friedrich C. Simmel
    Nature Materials 16, 974-976