Developmental neurogenesis

Developmental neurogenesis is the formation of functional, mature neurons from neural stem cells during development of an organism. Understanding developmental neurogenesis helps in the understanding of congenital neurological disorders.

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    Multiple methods for deriving human cortical organoids have been established in the past decade. A study now systematically compares patterning strategies and shows that combined WNT and dual SMAD inhibition is superior to dual SMAD inhibition alone in inducing robust cortical identity in 3D human pluripotent stem-cell aggregates.

    • Alexander Atamian
    • , Marcella Birtele
    •  & Giorgia Quadrato
    Nature Cell Biology 24, 805-806
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    Lancaster and colleagues describe a morphological change in early primate brain stem cells, the timing of which could underlie the differences in brain size between human and apes.

    • Paulina Strzyz
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    A new study proposes an exciting new model of neuronal diversification in the developing enteric nervous system (ENS) and establishes a detailed molecular taxonomy for enteric neurons. Their findings open new horizons for ENS research and for developing cell-based therapies for ENS disorders.

    • Julia Ganz
  • Comments & Opinion
    | Open Access

    Volker Hartenstein and Angela Giangrande discuss recent advances and future directions in glial biology and evolution in the context of a recent scientific conference. Their Comment illustrates the importance of interdisciplinary approaches to answering outstanding questions in biology.

    • Volker Hartenstein
    •  & Angela Giangrande