Dendrimers are polymers with branched, tree-like structures. They are of interest in applications such as drug delivery and catalysis.

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    Infant NEC is associated with high mortality and brain injury. This study sheds light on the connections between gut and brain pathology and shows that microglia-targeted dendrimers, coupled to antioxidants, can protect from brain injury in a NEC mouse model.

    • Alexandra Flemming
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    A dendrimer that depletes bioavailable copper as a result of its internal make-up displays powerful anticancer activity in mice, and no observable adverse effects.

    • Zhenbin Lyu
    •  & Ling Peng
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    Fullerene-based dendritic structures coated with 120 sugars can be made in high yields in a relatively short sequence of reactions. The mannosylated compound is shown to inhibit Ebola infection in cells more efficiently than monofullerene-based glycoclusters.

    • Sébastien Vidal
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    French researchers have shown that their dendrimer against the receptor for M-CSF blocks inflammation, cartilage degradation and bone erosion in mouse models of rheumatoid arthritis. The team is getting the compound ready for clinical trials.

    • Kai-Jye Lou
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    The sliding movement of the actin–myosin protein conjugate responsible for contracting muscles can be inhibited using a dendrimer that glues them together.

    • Gavin Armstrong