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Data publication is the process of making information, particularly data generated from research, available to all. Data archiving is the long term storage of such data and methods. In science, publishing and archiving data is important to preserve scientific information for future research.

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    | Open Access

    Development of world-class artificial intelligence (AI) for medical imaging requires access to massive amounts of training data from clinical sources, but effective data sharing is often hindered by uncertainty regarding data protection. We describe an initiative to reduce this uncertainty through a policy describing a national community consensus on sound data sharing practices.

    • Joel Hedlund
    • , Anders Eklund
    •  & Claes Lundström
  • Correspondence |

    • Viknesh Sounderajah
    • , Hutan Ashrafian
    • , Ravi Aggarwal
    • , Jeffrey De Fauw
    • , Alastair K. Denniston
    • , Felix Greaves
    • , Alan Karthikesalingam
    • , Dominic King
    • , Xiaoxuan Liu
    • , Sheraz R. Markar
    • , Matthew D. F. McInnes
    • , Trishan Panch
    • , Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard
    • , Daniel S. W. Ting
    • , Robert M. Golub
    • , David Moher
    • , Patrick M. Bossuyt
    •  & Ara Darzi
    Nature Medicine 26, 807-808
  • Comments & Opinion
    | Open Access

    We outline a principled approach to data FAIRification rooted in the notions of experimental design, and whose main intent is to clarify the semantics of data matrices. Using two related metabolomics datasets associated to journal articles, we perform retrospective data and metadata curation and re-annotation, using community, open, interoperability standards. The results are semantically-anchored data matrices, deposited in public archives, which are readable by software agents for data-level queries, and which can support the reproducibility and reuse of the data underpinning the publications.

    • Philippe Rocca-Serra
    •  & Susanna-Assunta Sansone
  • News & Views |

    EULAR has published points to consider for the use of big data in rheumatology research that open up discussions and debates that are necessary and important, but are they missing the opportunities presented by cross-discipline collaboration to expand our perspective of disease beyond what is clinically visible?

    • Marta E. Alarcón-Riquelme