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Data publication is the process of making information, particularly data generated from research, available to all. Data archiving is the long term storage of such data and methods. In science, publishing and archiving data is important to preserve scientific information for future research.

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    Public data archives are the backbone of modern biological research. Biomolecular archives are well established, but bioimaging resources lag behind them. The technology required for imaging archives is now available, thus enabling the creation of the first public bioimage datasets. We present the rationale for the construction of bioimage archives and their associated databases to underpin the next revolution in bioinformatics discovery.

    • Jan Ellenberg
    • , Jason R. Swedlow
    • , Mary Barlow
    • , Charles E. Cook
    • , Ugis Sarkans
    • , Ardan Patwardhan
    • , Alvis Brazma
    •  & Ewan Birney
    Nature Methods 15, 849-854
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    Parkinson disease (PD) affects up to 10 million people worldwide and is clinically diagnosed. Molecular phenotyping of patient samples might help to corroborate diagnosis, and a new study suggests that blood-based gene expression profiling might distinguish between patients with PD and those without. However, experience suggests that additional replication is needed.

    • Alice S. Chen-Plotkin