The cortex refers to the outermost layer of the cerebral hemispheres or cerebrum. The cerebral cortex in humans is folded into gyri and consists of six horizontal layers of neurons, with distinct connections among the layers and neuronal subtypes of cells.

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    A combination of computational modeling, neuroimaging and a causal manipulation of brain activity in humans reveals how the brain represents beliefs about how our choices will affect those of others we interact with.

    • Amit Etkin
    Nature Neuroscience 20, 1039–1040
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    A new study in mice shows that memory engram cells associated with long-term memories form in the prefrontal cortex early during learning in a contextual fear conditioning paradigm and reveals details of the circuitry involved in long-term memory consolidation.

    • Darran Yates
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    Connectivity patterns of neocortex exhibit several odd properties: for example, most neighboring excitatory neurons do not connect, which seems curiously wasteful. Brunel's elegant theoretical treatment reveals how optimal information storage can naturally impose these peculiar properties.

    • Beatriz E P Mizusaki
    • , Armen Stepanyants
    • , Dmitri B Chklovskii
    •  & P Jesper Sjöström
    Nature Neuroscience 19, 643–644