Contractile proteins

Contractile proteins are proteins that mediate sliding of contractile fibres (contraction) of a cell’s cytoskeleton, and of cardiac and skeletal muscle. Heart and muscle contractile fibres consist of bundles of actin polymers that slide alongside each other by the activity of the motor protein myosin and associated contractile proteins such as troponin and titin.

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    Proteins are most at home in water, although it has been known for some time that they can remain functional in non-aqueous environments. Researchers have now shown that in solvent-free melts, the oxygen-binding protein myoglobin adopts a near-native structure and retains its biological activity.

    • Douglas S. Clark
    Nature Chemistry 2, 607-608
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    The sliding movement of the actin–myosin protein conjugate responsible for contracting muscles can be inhibited using a dendrimer that glues them together.

    • Gavin Armstrong