Computational science

Computational science is a discipline concerned with the design, implementation and use of mathematical models to analyse and solve scientific problems. Typically, the term refers to the use of computers to perform simulations or numerical analysis of a scientific system or process.


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    Near-term quantum computations are susceptible to noise that — left uncorrected — can destroy the correlations responsible for quantum computational speedups. New work develops tools for bolstering the noise resilience of these speedups.

    • Bill Fefferman
  • Comments and Opinion |

    Automated learning from data by means of deep neural networks is finding use in an ever-increasing number of applications, yet key theoretical questions about how it works remain unanswered. A physics-based approach may help to bridge this gap.

    • Lenka Zdeborová
    Nature Physics 16, 602-604
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    The rise of machine learning is moving research away from tightly controlled, theory-guided experiments towards an approach based on data-driven searches. Abbas Ourmazd describes how this change might profoundly affect our understanding and practice of physics.

    • Abbas Ourmazd
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    Adversarial attacks make imperceptible changes to a neural network’s inputs so that it recognizes it as something entirely different. This flaw can give us insight into how these networks work and how to make them more robust.

    • Gean T. Pereira
    •  & André C. P. L. F. de Carvalho