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Computational science is a discipline concerned with the design, implementation and use of mathematical models to analyse and solve scientific problems. Typically, the term refers to the use of computers to perform simulations or numerical analysis of a scientific system or process.

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    A holography computing board that combines eight field-programmable gate arrays offers a scalable approach to generating holograms with a high frame rate.

    • Daping Chu
    Nature Electronics 1, 214–215
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    Geoscientists are training computers to learn from a wide range of geologic data and, in the process, the machines are teaching geoscientists about the workings of Earth.

    • Chris Marone
    Nature Geoscience 11, 301–302
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    Analogue computing based on memristors could offer a faster and more energy-efficient alternative to conventional digital computing in IoT applications.

    • Huaqiang Wu
    • , Peng Yao
    • , Bin Gao
    •  & He Qian
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    A method inspired by cryptography maps neural activity to limb movement without requiring the simultaneous collection of neural activity in the motor cortex and of the corresponding physical actions.

    • Vikash Gilja