Complex networks

Complex networks are networks that feature patterns of connection between their elements that are neither purely regular nor purely random. Most real-world networks, such as transportation, social or gene-regulatory networks, are complex.


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    Propagating on fibre links between multiple nodes of a network, light gets trapped by multi-path interference and forms complex states that are very sensitive to external perturbations. Now, a network of subwavelength, doped polymer fibres has been shown to operate as a network laser.

    • Stefan Rotter
    Nature Photonics 13, 140-141
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    From disease proliferation to cell functioning, spreading dynamics on networks impact many collective phenomena. The joint contributions of the interaction structure and local dynamics have now been disentangled, revealing three distinct types of spreading pattern.

    • Marc Timme
    •  & Jan Nagler
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    Privacy regulations for online platforms allow users to control their personal data. But what happens when our private attributes or behaviour can be inferred without our personal data? Researchers reveal that the behaviour of individuals is predictable using only the information provided by their friends in an online social network.

    • David Garcia
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    Cultural products have a life of their own: academic papers get cited and songs get downloaded. Surprisingly, public attention to these products shows a consistent pattern over time: a constant decline characterized by an inflexion point. This pattern might be due to how cultural products are discussed in the community and archived as cultural memories.

    • Alin Coman