Complex networks

Complex networks are networks that feature patterns of connection between their elements that are neither purely regular nor purely random. Most real-world networks, such as transportation, social or gene-regulatory networks, are complex.

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    While simple contagions spread efficiently from highly connected ‘influencers’, new research has revealed another kind of spreading process, that of complex contagions, which follows surprisingly different pathways to disperse through social networks.

    • Damon Centola
  • News and Views |

    The mechanics of many materials can be modelled by a network of balls connected by springs. A bottom-up approach based on differential geometry now captures changes in mechanics upon network growth or merger, going beyond the linear deformation regime.

    • A. Souslov
    •  & V. Vitelli
  • News and Views |

    Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can influence each other positively or negatively. Climate change, inequalities and irresponsible consumption and production currently stand in the way of meeting the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

    • Prajal Pradhan
  • Comments and Opinion | | open

    Are scale-free networks rare or universal? Important or not? We present the recent research about degree distributions of networks. This is a controversial topic, but, we argue, with some adjustments of the terminology, it does not have to be.

    • Petter Holme