Complex networks

Complex networks are networks that feature patterns of connection between their elements that are neither purely regular nor purely random. Most real-world networks, such as transportation, social or gene-regulatory networks, are complex.

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    Faced with an economic crisis as large and rapid as that precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, economists have turned to new ‘fast indicators’ based on big data, as Andy Haldane and Shiv Chowla of the Bank of England explain.

    • Andy Haldane
    •  & Shiv Chowla
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    János Kertész and Johannes Wachs discuss how complexity science and network science are particularly useful for identifying and describing the hidden traces of economic misbehaviour such as fraud and corruption.

    • János Kertész
    •  & Johannes Wachs
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    | Open Access

    What is the path towards a physical theory of complex networked systems? With an eye to the historical maths-physics duality, and an outlook towards the future, this commentary discusses promises and challenges accompanying the convergence of formal graph theory and data-inspired network science.

    • Gerardo Iñiguez
    • , Federico Battiston
    •  & Márton Karsai