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    In this Perspective, the authors argue that radical, rather than conventional, interventions are necessary to address climate change. They discuss the definitions and interpretations of the term ‘radical’, and present a typology of radical intervention that addresses the root drivers of climate change.

    • Tiffany H. Morrison
    • , W. Neil Adger
    •  & Derek Van Berkel
    Nature Climate Change 12, 1100-1106
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    Philosophers of science have identified epistemological criteria for evaluating the promise of a scientific theory. In this Perspective, Dale et al. propose that a principle of methodological variety should be one of these criteria, and argue that psychologists should actively cultivate methodological variety to advance theory.

    • Rick Dale
    • , Anne S. Warlaumont
    •  & Kerri L. Johnson
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    Polarization and the resulting political deadlock have become key barriers to more ambitious climate action. Using Twitter data between Conferences of the Parties, this research identifies a trend of increasing polarization driven by growing right-wing activity alongside accusations of political hypocrisy.

    • Max Falkenberg
    • , Alessandro Galeazzi
    •  & Andrea Baronchelli
    Nature Climate Change 12, 1114-1121
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    | Open Access

    Misinformation online can be shared by major political figures and organizations. Here, the authors developed a method to measure exposure to information from these sources on Twitter, and show how exposure relates to the quality of the content people share and their political ideology.

    • Mohsen Mosleh
    •  & David G. Rand

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