Climate-change impacts

Climate-change impacts are the consequences of climate change – both expected and realised – for natural and human systems. Climate impacts research is typically interdisciplinary and frequently involves the construction of climate impact models. Some key research themes include: ecology, water resources, agriculture, human heath, the economy and built infrastructure.

Latest Research and Reviews

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    Satellites provide clear evidence of greening trends in the Arctic, but high-resolution pan-Arctic quantification of these trends is lacking. Here the authors analyse high-resolution Landsat data to show widespread greening in the Arctic, and find that greening trends are linked to summer warming overall but not always locally.

    • Logan T. Berner
    • , Richard Massey
    • , Patrick Jantz
    • , Bruce C. Forbes
    • , Marc Macias-Fauria
    • , Isla Myers-Smith
    • , Timo Kumpula
    • , Gilles Gauthier
    • , Laia Andreu-Hayles
    • , Benjamin V. Gaglioti
    • , Patrick Burns
    • , Pentti Zetterberg
    • , Rosanne D’Arrigo
    •  & Scott J. Goetz
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    | Open Access

    The intermittency of solar resources is one of the primary challenges for the large-scale integration of the renewable energy. Here Yin et al. used satellite data and climate model outputs to evaluate the geographic patterns of future solar power reliability, highlighting the tradeoff between the maximum potential power and the power reliability.

    • Jun Yin
    • , Annalisa Molini
    •  & Amilcare Porporato
  • Research |

    The yield variability of 18 crops, representing 70% of global crop area and two-thirds of global calorific intake, is assessed here at the country level for the impacts of weather (temperature and precipitation) and farm management practices (pesticide and fertilizer application, and irrigation).

    • Paolo Agnolucci
    • , Chrysanthi Rapti
    • , Peter Alexander
    • , Vincenzo De Lipsis
    • , Robert A. Holland
    • , Felix Eigenbrod
    •  & Paul Ekins
    Nature Food 1, 562-571
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    Using a meta-analysis approach, the authors find robust evidence that environmental factors play a role in explaining migration patterns across countries and over time, but the size of the effects depend on the economic and sociopolitical context, and the environmental factors considered.

    • Roman Hoffmann
    • , Anna Dimitrova
    • , Raya Muttarak
    • , Jesus Crespo Cuaresma
    •  & Jonas Peisker
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    | Open Access

    The impacts of climate change on agricultural productivity remain debated. Here, the authors present new evidence for the magnitude and causes of U.S. crop insurance losses, using a database of production risk from 1989–2014 across 1733 counties for corn and 1632 counties for soybeans, and find that crop production risk will increase in response to warmer temperatures.

    • Edward D. Perry
    • , Jisang Yu
    •  & Jesse Tack

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