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Climate-change impacts are the consequences of climate change – both expected and realised – for natural and human systems. Climate impacts research is typically interdisciplinary and frequently involves the construction of climate impact models. Some key research themes include: ecology, water resources, agriculture, human heath, the economy and built infrastructure.


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    The deepest reaches of the ocean are ventilated by sinking of cold and relatively saline seawater around Antarctica. Observations from the Australian sector of the Southern Ocean reveal a decline in sinking and abyssal ventilation, linked to dropping ocean salinity on the Antarctic shelf.

    • Casimir de Lavergne
  • Editorial |

    Climate action is urgently needed, with reports appearing regularly highlighting the current state of the planet and scientific understanding of what is to come. There are steps being made that should be celebrated, but more is needed.

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    Empirical analyses of historical yields paired with manipulative experiments reveal that extreme rainfall reduces rice yields in China by physically disturbing the panicle and by reducing available soil nitrogen. Such mechanistic understanding aids prediction and mitigation of damages from climate change.

    • Jonathan Proctor
    Nature Food 4, 360-361
  • Comments & Opinion |

    Loss and damage funds are intended to support low-income regions experiencing impacts of human-caused climate change. Currently, event attribution should only play a limited role in determining loss and damage spending, but this role could grow as the field advances.

    • Andrew D. King
    • , Michael R. Grose
    •  & Luke J. Harrington
    Nature Climate Change 13, 415-417