Climate-change impacts


Climate-change impacts are the consequences of climate change – both expected and realised – for natural and human systems. Climate impacts research is typically interdisciplinary and frequently involves the construction of climate impact models. Some key research themes include: ecology, water resources, agriculture, human heath, the economy and built infrastructure.


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    Satellite measurements indicate that Greenland's meltwater rivers are exporting one billion tons of sediment annually, a process that is controlled by the sliding rate of glaciers. This rate is nearly 10% of the fluvial sediment discharge to the ocean.

    • Matthew A. Charette
  • Comments and Opinion |

    The increasing acidity of our seas is a threat to marine life that for many species may be impossible to overcome.

    • Sarah DeWeerdt
    Nature 550, S54–S58
  • Editorial |

    As the climate changes, extreme storm and flood events are increasing in intensity and frequency, exposing more people to their impacts. Resilience planning needs to start now to limit these impacts.

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    Loss and Damage (L&D) has been gaining traction since the Paris Agreement took the issue on as a separate article, arguably creating a third pillar of international climate policy. Debate so far has led to vague definitions of the remit of the L&D mechanism; research on actor perspectives may help to propel this discourse forward.

    • Reinhard Mechler
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    Strategies that reduce fossil-fuel use can achieve both global carbon mitigation and local health-protection goals. Now research shows the dual benefits of compact urban design and circular economy policies in Chinese cities.

    • Nadine Ibrahim
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    Higher air temperatures cause roadway surfaces to deteriorate more rapidly. Now research suggests that adapting design and material selection procedures to use future climate information can dramatically decrease the damage and ensuing repair cost.

    • Jo Sias Daniel