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Chemical safety is a critically important topic that covers the handling and use of chemicals in a way that is safe for humans and the environment. It includes risk assessment and education in best and safe practices. It brings attention to potential hazards and discusses safety in industrial, teaching and academic settings.

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    The harmonized classification of titanium dioxide as a suspected carcinogen has the potential to misinform consumers and promote aversive behaviour. The case exemplifies the limits of a hazard-based classification system that should not be used without exposure assessment in downstream, sector-specific legislation.

    • Christian Riebeling
    • , Andrea Haase
    •  & Andreas Luch
    Nature Food 1, 523-525
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    Two Q&As in this issue consider aspects of chemical safety in industry and academia. And when it comes to the latter, a Review Article concludes that much more research is required to better understand — and improve — safety in academic laboratories.

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    Dave Laffan, a Director in Chemical Development at AstraZeneca, talks to Nature Chemistry about safety in industry labs and his role on the Safety, Health and Environment committee.

    • Katherine Geogheghan
    Nature Chemistry 12, 8-10
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    Marc Reid, a researcher at the University of Strathclyde and co-founder of Pre-Site Safety, talks to Nature Chemistry about safety, both as an academic scientist and as a director of a safety-focused company.

    • Katherine Geogheghan
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    Household dust contaminated with common flame retardants used in everyday household items has been found to be associated with increased risk of developing smaller, as well as more aggressive forms of papillary thyroid cancer in humans. These findings emphasize the need to consider the exposome when evaluating the increased incidence of thyroid cancer.

    • Bilal B. Mughal
    •  & Barbara A. Demeneix