Cellular imaging

Cellular imaging encompasses the techniques that allow the detection and analysis of cellular organelles and macromolecules. Cellular imaging observations are obtained using light-based or electron-based microscopes and often request further analysis with computer based programming.


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    Ferroptosis is an iron-dependent mode of cell death driven by lipid peroxidation, capable of explosively propagating through a field of cells. Two studies now explore the mechanisms underlying ferroptotic cell death and its spread, as well as its possible in vivo significance, shedding light on some of the burning questions surrounding ferroptosis.

    • Andrew J. Davidson
    •  & Will Wood
    Nature Cell Biology 22, 1027-1029
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    Combining cryogenic super-resolution microscopy and focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy allows nanoscale views of protein architecture in the context of cellular ultrastructure in whole cells.

    • Rita Strack
    Nature Methods 17, 247
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    The lack of endogenous reporter lines is a bottleneck in the study of subcellular dynamics in human adult stem cell (ASC)-derived organoids. An approach using CRISPR–Cas9-mediated homology-independent organoid transgenesis (CRISPR–HOT) in ASC-derived organoids now narrows the gap between basic research and translational studies in human organoids.

    • Qiutan Yang
    • , Koen C. Oost
    •  & Prisca Liberali
    Nature Cell Biology 22, 261-263