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    Carbon capture typically relies on pressure or temperature swings for uptake and release of CO2. Researchers now present a device exploiting electrochemistry to drive these processes in an electro-swing approach that grants flexibility for coupling to intermittent energy resources and may have broad applications for carbon capture.

    • Jennifer Wilcox
    Nature Energy 5, 121-122
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    Metal–organic frameworks are promising adsorbents for CO2 capture from flue gas, but many perform poorly when exposed to flue gas containing water. Now, a computational screening approach identifies MOFs with preserved CO2/N2 selectivities in wet flue gas and experiments confirm their outstanding CO2 capture performance.

    • Seda Keskin
    Nature Energy 5, 8-9
  • Editorial |

    Negative emissions technologies face numerous challenges, from techno-economic hurdles to public acceptance concerns, but progress in research, collaboration and regulation provide indications that they may yet form part of future energy systems.

    Nature Energy 3, 531
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    The race against time to mitigate climate change has increasingly focused on the development and deployment of bioenergy with carbon capture and storage. New research shows that negative-emissions hydrogen production is potentially a cost-effective alternative.

    • Jinyue Yan