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    There is a lack of systematic approaches to identify and analyze the hierarchical structure of geo-industrial clusters at the global scale. Here the authors use LinkedIn's employment history data to construct a global labor flow network from which they find that the resulting geo-industrial clusters exhibit a stronger association between the influx of educated-workers and financial performance compared to existing aggregation units.

    • Jaehyuk Park
    • , Ian B. Wood
    • , Elise Jing
    • , Azadeh Nematzadeh
    • , Souvik Ghosh
    • , Michael D. Conover
    •  & Yong-Yeol Ahn
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    Political interests play a key role in the passage of climate policy. This study quantifies that political lobbying reduced the probability of enacting the Waxman–Markey bill in the United States by 13 percentage points, representing US$60 billion in expected climate damages.

    • Kyle C. Meng
    •  & Ashwin Rode
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    Organizations are social systems different from ecosystems and natural resources. Using social systems theory, and employing the concepts of emergence, resilience and scale, this Perspective presents management principles for pursuing sustainability across an array of organizational contexts.

    • Dror Etzion
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    Corporations are an important source of GHG emissions and an important climate-mitigation actor. An assessment of corporate climate action and systematic benchmarking against international targets is conducted for 138 companies in high-emitting sectors.

    • Simon Dietz
    • , Charles Fruitiere
    • , Carlota Garcia-Manas
    • , William Irwin
    • , Bruno Rauis
    •  & Rory Sullivan
    Nature Climate Change 8, 1072-1075

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