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    Eliminating the need for cleanroom fabrication for thermomechanical characterization of organic samples in a biomedical setting remains a challenge. Here, the authors propose the use of a single drug and collagen particles as resonators, enabling direct measurements on a material during thermal cycling.

    • Peter Ouma Okeyo
    • , Peter Emil Larsen
    • , Eric Ofosu Kissi
    • , Fatemeh Ajalloueian
    • , Thomas Rades
    • , Jukka Rantanen
    •  & Anja Boisen
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    Drug repurposing — a strategy for identifying new uses for approved or investigational drugs that are outside the scope of the original medical indication — has the potential for greater success rates and reduced costs compared with developing entirely new drugs. Pirmohamed and colleagues present approaches used for drug repurposing, discuss the challenges faced by the repurposing community and recommend innovative ways by which these challenges could be addressed.

    • Sudeep Pushpakom
    • , Francesco Iorio
    • , Patrick A. Eyers
    • , K. Jane Escott
    • , Shirley Hopper
    • , Andrew Wells
    • , Andrew Doig
    • , Tim Guilliams
    • , Joanna Latimer
    • , Christine McNamee
    • , Alan Norris
    • , Philippe Sanseau
    • , David Cavalla
    •  & Munir Pirmohamed
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    Shih and colleagues analyse comprehensive industry-wide data on drug development projects pursued during the past 20 years, classified according to the mechanism and indication for each project. Their findings indicate several points and trends that may be useful in understanding and improving the productivity of the pharmaceutical industry, including areas with substantial success or failure and the relative extent of novelty in completed and ongoing projects.

    • Hsin-Pei Shih
    • , Xiaodan Zhang
    •  & Alex M. Aronov
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    The costs of both newly approved, and established anticancer drugs have risen dramatically in the past decade, to the point where the costs of such treatments are becoming unsustainable. In this perspective, the authors outline the extent of this problem, and how it is likely to continue, while also suggesting measures that could be taken in future to address these rising costs.

    • Vinay Prasad
    • , Kevin De Jesús
    •  & Sham Mailankody

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