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    The time has come to consider appropriate guardrails to ensure quantum technology benefits humanity and the planet. With quantum development still in flux, the science community shares a responsibility in defining principles and practices.

    • Urs Gasser
    • , Eline De Jong
    •  & Mauritz Kop
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    Glass, now celebrated with a dedicated International Year, continues to fascinate.

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    In 2016, Peter Trueb computed 22.4 trillion digits of π. Ahead of π Day on 14 March, he reflects on the nature of π and its role in mathematics, science and philosophy.

    • Peter Trueb
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    Beer is a high-quality product that comes with a dedicated set of units. Stefanie Reichert and Bart Verberck elaborate on the most common ones.

    • Stefanie Reichert
    •  & Bart Verberck
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    Artificial intelligence is set to rival the human mind, just as the engine did the horse. José Hernández-Orallo looks at how we compare cognitive performance.

    • José Hernández-Orallo
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    Commercial quantum devices are in their infancy, but the growing industry targeting quantum technologies is already having a tangible effect on the job market.

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    South Korea's march from fast follower to first mover in science and technology.