Business and industry

  • Perspective |

    Standards and recommendations for transitioning organizations to quantum-secure cryptographic protocols are outlined, including a discussion of transition timelines and the leading strategies to protect systems against quantum attacks.

    • David Joseph
    • , Rafael Misoczki
    •  & Royal Hansen
  • Article |

    By collecting nearly 50,000 perceptual estimates of smell, a reliable physicochemical measure that links odorant structure to odorant perception at a resolution that enables the creation of olfactory metamers was derived.

    • Aharon Ravia
    • , Kobi Snitz
    •  & Noam Sobel
  • Perspective |

    This Perspective discusses developments in LED-based solid-state lighting for physiological and agricultural applications, and the anticipated benefits in terms of health and productivity.

    • P. M. Pattison
    • , J. Y. Tsao
    •  & B. Bugbee
  • Perspective |

    A review of mineral exploration data and demand forecasts suggests that new international governance links are needed to ensure efficient and responsible future sourcing of minerals for sustainable development.

    • Saleem H. Ali
    • , Damien Giurco
    •  & Natalia Yakovleva
  • Letter |

    Emissions of African dust increased sharply in the early 1970s, but the human contribution to land degradation and dust mobilization remains poorly understood. Now, a 3,200-year record of dust deposition off northwest Africa has been constructed. On the basis of this dust record and a proxy record for West African precipitation, it is suggested that human-induced dust emissions from the Sahel region have contributed to the atmospheric dust load for more than 200 years.

    • Stefan Mulitza
    • , David Heslop
    •  & Michael Schulz
  • Review Article |

    • T. D. Ladd
    • , F. Jelezko
    •  & J. L. O’Brien