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Body patterning defines the processes occurring during early animal development that determine the animal’s basic body plan and direct morphogenesis. Body patterning ensures that the correct cell types and consequently body parts will develop at the correct relative positions of the body.

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    Ong et al. uncover a role for the YAP/TAZ–TEAD transcriptional pathways in retinal angiogenesis via the regulation of amino acid transporters and assessed mTORC activation. These findings establish the mechanism through which endothelial cells regulate nutrient acquisition and consumption.

    • Roxana E. Oberkersch
    •  & Massimo M. Santoro
    Nature Metabolism 4, 645-646
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    Two studies in Developmental Cell report the generation of mice with longer and shorter than normal tails, respectively, giving insight into developmental programmes and key genes involved in mouse tail development.

    • Linda Koch
  • News & Views |

    Cytoplasmic flows are essential for various cellular processes. However, tools to manipulate these flows within cells are still lacking. Now research shows that an optical tool allows for control of cytoplasmic flows and can be used as a subcellular rheometer.

    • Karsten Kruse
    • , Nicolas Chiaruttini
    •  & Aurélien Roux
    Nature Cell Biology 20, 227-228