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Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is a diagnostic procedure that measures the amount of nitrogen in the blood that is derived from urea. BUN is used as a measure of kidney function.

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  • Editorial
    | Open Access

    Detecting clinically relevant diagnostic biomarkers, suitable for point-of-care detection, may facilitate rapid treatment and prevention of disease. However, medical diagnosis for which there are limited quantities of testable tissue or fluid, require point-of-care technologies with superior sensitivity and specificity. The purpose of this Editorial is to provide an overview of the Collection’s content, comprising original research into fluidics-based diagnostic platforms—specifically those made of paper or other low-cost materials, that can suitably operate with tiny sample volumes from mL to nL. In particular, we will focus on the clinical applications of such research, with potential uses in a number of fields including combating the COVID-19 pandemic for instance.

    • Chao-Min Cheng
    Scientific Reports 10, 14230