Biophysics is the study of physical phenomena and physical processes in living things, on scales spanning molecules, cells, tissues and organisms. Biophysicists use the principles and methods of physics to understand biological systems. It is an interdisciplinary science, closely related to quantitative and systems biology.


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    The electrogenic bacterium Geobacter synthesizes conductive extracellular nanowires to facilitate electron transfer that powers respiration. A highly conductive form of these nanowires is now revealed to be composed of oligomers of an 8-heme cytochrome, OmcZ.

    • Thomas A. Clarke
    •  & Marcus J. Edwards
    Nature Chemical Biology 16, 1041-1042
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    Frugally built technology to study the ocean’s microbes, and engineering for societal good.

    • Vivien Marx
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    Caterina La Porta and Stefano Zapperi discuss how a suitable identification of the control and order parameters can shed light on the nature of phase transitions in cell migration.

    • Caterina A. M. La Porta
    •  & Stefano Zapperi
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    Plankton regularly travel vast distances up and down in the ocean. A water-filled hamster wheel with glass windows now enables detailed microscopic lab observations of individual aquatic microorganisms during their vertical migrations.

    • Katja M. Taute