Biological sciences

Biological sciences encompasses all the divisions of natural sciences examining various aspects of vital processes. The concept includes anatomy, physiology, cell biology, biochemistry and biophysics, and covers all organisms from microorganisms, animals to plants.


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  • Research Highlights |

    Zagato et al. have identified bacterial species of the microbiome that are lost during intestinal tumorigenesis. Mouse Faecalibaculum rodentium and its human homologue exert their antitumorigenic effect on cell proliferation through the production of short chain fatty acids.

    • Anna Dart
  • News and Views |

    Motor learning is composed of explicit ‘strategic’ components and implicit ‘automatic’ components. Miyamoto and colleagues reveal how these components work together during visuomotor adaptation, providing evidence that an implicit component corrects for a noisy explicit process.

    • Olivier Codol
    • , Giacomo Ariani
    •  & Jonathan A. Michaels
  • Research Highlights |

    Yoshida, Gowers et al. examined somatic mutations in normal lung epithelium to better understand the effects of tobacco smoking, and stopping smoking, on normal tissue biology and how these effects relate to lung cancer development.

    • Sarah Seton-Rogers
  • Comments and Opinion |

    The FDA has demonstrated a willingness to expedite access to new cancer medicines by using real-world evidence to support regulatory drug approval. In this article, we explore three recent examples of such approvals and the lessons that can be learned from this collective experience.

    • Michael J. Raphael
    • , Bishal Gyawali
    •  & Christopher M. Booth