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Bacteriology is a scientific discipline. It is the branch of microbiology that focuses on bacteria.

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    The type three secretion system (T3SS) is a membrane-anchored nano-machine utilized by many pathogenic bacteria to inject effector proteins and thus take control of host cells. In a recent article, Kaval et al. reveal a striking colocalization of a T3SS-encoding locus, its transcriptional activators, protein products, and the complete structure at the cell membrane, which they claim provides evidence for a mechanism known as ‘transertion’.

    • Itzhak Fishov
    •  & Sharanya Namboodiri
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    Mycobacterium abscessus requires high levels of biotin biosynthesis during infection, because this vitamin enables key adaptations to the alkaline lung airway environment through fatty acid remodelling that increases fluidity of the cell envelope.

    • Wassim Daher
    •  & Laurent Kremer
    Nature Microbiology 8, 369-370
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    Chemotaxis towards the interspecies quorum sensing signal autoinducer 2 (AI-2) promotes gut colonization by Escherichia coli and is linked to fructoselysine metabolism. The differential ability of E. coli strains to chemotactically respond to AI-2 further leads to niche segregation and co-existence of E. coli strains in the murine gut.

    Nature Microbiology 8, 193-194