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Atmospheric science is the study of the dynamics and chemistry of the layers of gas that surround the Earth, other planets and moons. This encompasses the interactions between various parts of the atmosphere as well as interactions with the oceans and freshwater systems, the biosphere and human activities.


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    Adapt to how data are made and used, urge Øystein Hov and colleagues.

    • Øystein Hov
    • , Deon Terblanche
    • , Gregory Carmichael
    • , Sarah Jones
    • , Paolo M. Ruti
    •  & Oksana Tarasova
    Nature 552, 168–170
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    Making sense of exoplanet observations requires better understanding of terrestrial atmospheres in our solar system, especially for Venus. We need to not just intermittently explore, but continuously monitor these atmospheres — like we do for Earth.

    • Kevin McGouldrick
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    Progress in the post-combustion treatment of diesel vehicle exhaust has led to shifting proportions of the constituents of nitrogen oxides. Observations from 61 European cities suggest that the outlook on attaining NO2 standards is more optimistic than expected.

    • Drew R. Gentner
    •  & Fulizi Xiong
    Nature Geoscience 10, 883–884
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    The discovery that thunderstorms can trigger nuclear reactions provides insight into the physics of atmospheric electricity and unveils a previously unknown natural source of radioactive isotopes on Earth.

    • Leonid Babich
    Nature 551, 443–444