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Astrochemistry is the study of the composition and reactions of atoms, molecules and ions in space. The topic includes the gathering of spectroscopic information from ground-, air- and space-based observatories, lab-based studies that replicate the harsh environments of space and modelling.

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    Sit back and settle in for a tour of the chemical analysis instruments aboard the James Webb Space Telescope and the techniques being used to explore the planets beyond our Solar System.

    • Bruce C. Gibb
    Nature Chemistry 14, 1207-1209
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    The European Astronomical Society (EAS) awarded its most prestigious prizes during its annual meeting held in Valencia, Spain. After two virtual meetings, astronomers attended in-person or watched some of the sessions remotely.

    • Georges Meylan
    Nature Astronomy 6, 1114-1115
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    | Open Access

    It has been a great joint achievement of astronomy, laboratory spectroscopy and quantum chemistry to identify interstellar molecules in various astronomical environments and piece together their origins story from the fragmented evidence. Here the authors provide a sketch of what we know and motivate the asking of open questions on carbon-based molecules in space.

    • Christopher S. Hansen
    • , Els Peeters
    •  & Timothy W. Schmidt
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    If you feel like shifting your attention away from what’s happening here on planet Earth in 2020 for a moment, join Bruce C. Gibb on a tour through the chemistry of the largest planet in the Solar System.

    • Bruce C. Gibb
    Nature Chemistry 12, 974-976