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Applied physics is the study of physics for a practical purpose, as opposed to physics motived solely for an improved fundamental understanding. This includes technological advances such as the development of electronics, photonics and device physics, or improving practical investigations, such as experimental nuclear physics and experimental particle physics.


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    Chemicals in water that freezes into an icicle are crucial for that ridged profile.

    Nature 614, 393
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    By recovering energy from a relativistically accelerated electron beam in a multiturn configuration, a reduction of radiofrequency power has been demonstrated. This is a milestone toward more efficient and better performing accelerators.

    • Peter Williams
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    Organic electrochemical transistors could be better than conventional inorganic devices for certain uses, but have been held back by performance issues. The solution could be to build up these organic transistors like a sandwich.

    • Camille Cunin
    •  & Aristide Gumyusenge
    Nature 613, 444-445