Applied optics

Applied optics is a branch of optics and photonics that specifically focuses on using light for practical purposes. Such uses include collecting light from the sun and converting it to electricity, processing metals with high-power lasers and developing optical equivalents of electronic circuits.


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    The integration of diamond waveguide arrays into an aluminium nitride photonic platform offers hope for the realization of scalable chips for quantum information processing.

    • Mehran Kianinia
    •  & Igor Aharonovich
    Nature Photonics 14, 599-600
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    The photovoltaics market has long been dominated by silicon, but further improvements of these solar cells require novel approaches. Now, triplet–triplet annihilation photon upconversion has been used to harvest photons from below the bandgap of silicon, extending the spectral response and potentially improving the efficiency of these cells.

    • Bo Albinsson
    •  & Axel Olesund
    Nature Photonics 14, 528-530
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    The finding that hollow-core optical fibres can preserve the state of linearly polarized light over hundreds of metres with exceptional purity could benefit applications in sensing, gyroscopes and quantum optics.

    • Alexey V. Gladyshev
    •  & Igor A. Bufetov
    Nature Photonics 14, 468-469
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    A correlation method that combines ultrasound and fluorescence enables imaging in strongly scattering environments.

    • Allard P. Mosk
    Nature Photonics 14, 466-467