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Applied immunology provides services to support the development of biological therapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and diagnostics. Applied immunology is a subdiscipline of immunology.

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  • Editorial |

    Lipid nanoparticles are going into billions of arms in the form of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, delivering, at last, on the promise of nanotechnology to revolutionize drug delivery. Revolutions have the ability to alter the course of history. In the case of nanotech-based drug delivery, with many promising applications being explored, it looks like lipid nanoparticles have done just that.

  • Comments & Opinion |

    If new treatments for immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs) are to emerge, then a radical new approach that moves the field from one that is based on clinical signs and symptoms to one that is based on immunological and molecular mechanisms is urgently needed. This requires a new way of thinking: that IMIDs should be approached as having shared common pathogenic cells and pathways, and that therapies should be targeted at these cells and processes rather than clinical features.

    • Christopher D. Buckley
    • , Lorna Chernajovsky
    •  & Paul P. Tak
    Nature Immunology 22, 1344-1348
  • Research Highlights |

    A new study in Cell provides a single-cell map of the epigenetic and transcriptomic landscape in response to influenza vaccination, revealing persistent epigenomic remodelling in myeloid cells and the antiviral effects of adjuvant.

    • Lucy Bird