Antivirals are substances that inhibit virus infection or replication. Antivirals can be used as drugs to prevent or treat diseases caused by viruses.

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  • Editorial |

    Epidemic diseases are not a new phenomenon, but easy access to transport in the modern world has accelerated their spread. Perhaps some botanical understanding can help slow them down.

    Nature Plants 6, 177
  • News and Views |

    Baloxavir marboxil (BXM) represents a promising advance in antiviral chemotherapies for influenza infections. Identification of transmissible BXM-resistant strains in Japan may hit pause on widespread adoption of this therapy and could lead to revision of surveillance practices for emerging viruses.

    • Karen A. Kormuth
    •  & Seema S. Lakdawala
  • Research Highlights |

    The Pneumonia Etiology Research for Child Health (PERCH) study reports the results of a case–control study to characterize the causes of pneumonia in children without HIV infection from Africa and Asia.

    • Andrea Du Toit
  • News and Views |

    Innovative solutions are needed to overcome the global disparity in patients awaiting kidney transplantation versus donor organs available. A new study reports a promising new strategy of transplanting kidneys from HCV-infected donors into HCV-uninfected recipients and treating their HCV with direct-acting antivirals post-transplant — recipients achieved HCV cure with excellent one-year kidney allograft function.

    • Allison J. Kwong
    •  & Norah A. Terrault
  • Comments and Opinion |

    More than 250 million people worldwide are chronically infected with the hepatitis B virus (HBV). In this Comment, members of the International Coalition to Eliminate HBV appraise the current policy environment and the need for appropriate cure research and preparedness to complement the WHO global elimination strategy, the HBV vaccine and the well-tolerated but poorly accessed therapy.

    • Jeffrey V. Lazarus
    • , Timothy Block
    • , Christian Bréchot
    • , Anna Kramvis
    • , Veronica Miller
    • , Michael Ninburg
    • , Capucine Pénicaud
    • , Ulrike Protzer
    • , Homie Razavi
    • , Laura A. Thomas
    • , Jack Wallace
    •  & Benjamin C. Cowie