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Antifungal agents are substances that inhibit the spread of fungi by killing fungal cells or spores or preventing their growth.

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    Invasive fungal diseases are on the increase globally. The World Health Organization fungal priority pathogens list highlights fungi of critical or high importance to human health and provides pathways for action. The report calls for improved surveillance (diagnostics and antifungal resistance monitoring), research and innovation (implementation research) and public-health interventions.

    • Matthew C. Fisher
    •  & David W. Denning
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    This study reports that extensive copy number variations occur in the presence of azole antifungal drugs in Candida albicans, which might cause phenotypic and population-level heterogeneity observed in clinical isolates.

    • Andrea Du Toit
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    This study shows that the composition of the fungal cell wall is highly heterogeneous and leads to heterogeneous antifungal susceptibility.

    • Andrea Du Toit