Animal behaviour

Animal behaviour is the scientific study of the behaviour of animals. The discipline covers study under experimental conditions, behaviourism, or natural conditions, ethology.

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    Reduced human mobility during the pandemic will reveal critical aspects of our impact on animals, providing important guidance on how best to share space on this crowded planet.

    • Christian Rutz
    • , Matthias-Claudio Loretto
    • , Amanda E. Bates
    • , Sarah C. Davidson
    • , Carlos M. Duarte
    • , Walter Jetz
    • , Mark Johnson
    • , Akiko Kato
    • , Roland Kays
    • , Thomas Mueller
    • , Richard B. Primack
    • , Yan Ropert-Coudert
    • , Marlee A. Tucker
    • , Martin Wikelski
    •  & Francesca Cagnacci
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    A new framework for animal-behaviour research will help to avoid sampling bias — ten years on from the call to widen the pool of human participants in psychology studies beyond the WEIRD.

    • Michael M. Webster
    •  & Christian Rutz
    Nature 582, 337-340
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    Human culture is unique. Or is it? A new study reveals unexpected cultural diversity in the fine-grained details of chimpanzee termite fishing behaviour. These novel findings shed light on the richness of chimpanzee cultural diversity and reveal a narrower gap between the cultures of humans and other apes.

    • Kathelijne Koops