Aerospace engineering

Aerospace engineering is the branch of engineering that designs and builds machines for flight. This includes craft used both inside (aeronautical engineering) and outside (astronautical engineering) the Earth’s atmosphere. Aerospace engineering combines an understanding of fluid dynamics, robust but lightweight materials and the chemistry and thermodynamics of engines.

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    Optical communications will provide the next generation of interplanetary missions with high-bit-rate data transmission, requiring modifications on the ground and in space, explains Leslie Deutsch.

    • Leslie J. Deutsch
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    The historic launch of the first several hundred out of 12,000 planned Starlink satellites heralds the arrival of the era of ultra-large satellite constellations. If it will bring new opportunities or insurmountable challenges to astronomy will probably depend on whether you are conducting your observations in space or from the surface of the Earth.

    • Igor Levchenko
    • , Shuyan Xu
    • , Yue-Liang Wu
    •  & Kateryna Bazaka
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    Commercial aircraft rely on liquid hydrocarbon fuels. Short-range all-electric aircraft have promise to reduce environmental impacts while remaining cost-competitive; however, they will require significant battery improvements.

    • Venkatasubramanian Viswanathan
    •  & B. Matthew Knapp